Archie Sonic Forever is a Sonic the Hedgehog fancomic, continuing the adventures of the cancelled, pre-reboot continuity.


Upgrades, people!

When the site first started, it was just a few static HTML pages generated from eleventy. Since then we've been incrementally upgrading it to a much fancier fully functioning server bit by bit. There's been a lot of renovation needed to let us get there but we're finally cresting the hill.

As of just now, we finally have:

  • Blog posts, like the one you're reading now.
  • An RSS feed! That one was well overdue. If you're not sure what those are, they're a thing you can subscribe to in order to keep yourself updated with new comic releases. They're very common on webcomic sites; you'll thank me later. You'll need a feed reader—I use feedly—and then you can add that RSS feed to it. This Verge article talks about RSS feeds a lot more than I could here.

We've still got work to do. Later: a team page, an actual blog page, and other things. Maybe I can get a little Sonic running in the footer one day. The sky's the limit.