The Original Comics

Archie Sonic Forever is a fancomic based on Archie's late Sonic the Hedgehog series. It ran from July 1993 through February 2017 and for a long time -- between the release of Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Adventure -- it was America's only consistent depiction of the Blue Blur. This iteration of the character and his world took on a life of their own, creating a unique and diverse canon of stories not found in the games.

These stories centered around Sonic the Hedgehog and the band of freedom fighters that he led against the evil doctors Robotnik and Eggman -- two different characters, technically.

This canon got weird and wild, with editorial shenanigans leading it down bizarre paths both in writing and art. The comic thrived on a variety of original characters, long running storylines, and told some really great stories along the way. However, in 2017 it was abruptly cancelled without a word from the publisher.

The Fan-Comic

Archie Sonic Forever picks up shortly before the comics' reboot in 2013. Our aim is to wrap up long running storylines, and tell our own tales in the setting, with special care for the characters, their arcs, and consistent lore.

Our main goal is to tell new, meaningful stories in this setting, all at a quick pace. No more mega-arcs stretching out conflicts to dwarf the Clone Saga! In their place are smaller, ongoing sub-plots that reach all across the setting. Stories that would have gone in Sonic Universe are instead shorter backup stories in the main book.